Who created breakdance?

Breakdance was created by Jon Schlinkert.

Why the name "breakdance?"

As they say, all the good names were taken. Besides, I tend to always use literal, concrete words to describe projects, sometimes it's fun to change it up. This name makes me smile.

Why did you create breakdance?

We have thousands of old wiki pages that need to be converted to markdown, and every HTML-to-markdown converter we tried was inadequate at best. We needed a converter that would reliably produce the results we needed, whilst also being pluggable enough that we could patch functionality when something unexpected cropped up.

As a side benefit, breakdance really demonstrates the power of snapdragon, the library that breakdance depends on for rendering (also created by jonschlinkert).

How was this site created?

This site was created using assemble, along with some plugins and helpers.


The following plugins were used:

  • generating the table of contents on each page (side navigation, on wide screens)
  • converting markdown to html
  • unescaping template characters that were escaped during markdown rendering


The following helpers were used:

  • helper-geopattern was used to create the geometrical patterns in the header (.masthead) of each page. A string is passed to the helper to determine the pattern. On some pages the title is used, on others a geopattern property in the front-matter determines the pattern.
  • sort - a custom helper is used for sorting and filtering the links in the main navigation

Reporting issues

Please report documentation or usage issues to the breakdance issues tracker on GitHub.

Contributing to breakdance

All contributions are welcome. Please review the project's contributing guide to learn everything you need to know about contributing.

Building the documentation

The breakdance documentation site is hosted on gh-pages and is built with Assemble. Follow these steps to build the documentation:

  1. clone the project
  2. install the necessary dependencies
  3. build the docs

1. Clone the project

From an empty directory, run the following command:

$ git clone .git

2. install the necessary dependencies

$ npm install --global assemble && npm install

3. build the docs

Run assemble to generate the docs:

$ assemble